Home Makeover Series Part 2

It’s crazy to look at these pictures from the first day we owned our house. Our neighbor told us that this space used to have some rockin’ green shag carpeting. So glad they tore that out and had the floors redone. One less messy project for us to deal with.

Both medical windows in their glory.
A close up, just so you can really appreciate it.
No words..


So much has changed and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  The dining area used to be home to an antique piano that was given to me by my mother and had originally come from the church where I went to preschool.  Since my husband or I don’t play the piano, it seemed like a huge waste of space for us.  We moved the dining area from the kitchen to the space where the piano was and things started transforming like crazy.

Like you saw in the Home Makeover Part 1 post, we painted all the trim and the walls, removed all of the lighting and dismembered the second “medical window” in the house.  Hubby put the can lighting in and cut the holes for the air conditioning (which was installed later-we bought the house at the end of December so it wasn’t needed quite yet).

Once kids came along, we added a small play/art area for them behind the couch.  Their art desk came from the  Container Store  (another addiction of mine).  I opened up a lot of space in one of our closets by storing all of their art supplies, coloring books and stickers in the art desk.

The rest is cosmetics.  It’s a large room so we needed to paint an accent wall to shake things up a bit.  We added my grandmother’s kitchen table (You will see it refinished in another post) and purchased all new furniture because this house had a lot more room than our last.  I couldn’t find a coffee table big enough to look right in the space so hubby made one and we love it!  See the transformation for yourself.  Again, these pictures were taken around Halloween so you get to see all the fun decorations!



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