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It took me about 3 seconds to fall in love with the first Kindle I ever bought.  I have always been an avid reader so when the opportunity arose to make things easier by not having to lug a gigantic, bulky book around, I jumped.

We were going on a month-long trip and not having to pack or carry around 100 pounds of books was extremely liberating.  I could carry my “book” with me anywhere and it didn’t cause any bulging discs.

Fast forward to 2017 and I am still on the no-book bandwagon.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that are not the same on a reading device or app. For example, cookbooks.  I absolutely adore cookbooks!  I love reading them and looking at the mouth-watering pictures.  I get so excited looking at new recipes and picturing myself hard at work in the kitchen! It is safe to say that I have a cookbook addiction.

Along the way there have been a few apps that I have stumbled upon that have made my life easier.  Some having to do with food, others with books and learning.




OrganizEat is a great app that I came across when I started our mass kitchen organization project.  Not only do I love a good cookbook, but I can’t check out of the grocery store without a food magazine.  This created a huge stockpile of magazines in our desk cabinets (space that was reserved for more cookbooks!).

I would go through the magazines and dogear the recipes that interested me or tear out the page(s) and start another pile.  I tried inserting the pages into binders, but that wasn’t realistic for me and they still just sat there.

OrganizEat allows you to take photos of recipes in books or magazines, download recipes from websites, add your own recipes and organize them by category! Huge space saver!

After I finished taking photos of the pages I had torn out of magazines, I went through ALL of my cookbooks and found the ones that I was keeping because of a few recipes.  I took pictures of those and the books were donated, creating room for new ones.  Told you I had an addiction.

Craftsy is another amazing app.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, take amazing photos (of people and food), and be a badass cookie/cake decorator.

Craftsy houses all these classes and they are super resonable.  I usually buy my classes on sale which, on average, is $19.99. You can lay in bed and take the courses at your own pace or learn photoshop while getting your nails done.

I have about 8 classes to take, but since I purchased them, they are saved so I can start or reference them at any time.  Classes can also range from beginner to pro.

Yummly is where I go when I need some quick food inspiration.  It’s a database of, I don’t even know how many, food blogs and houses all their recipes.   By looking at the recipe you can see the ingredient list, how long it will take and nutrional info.  You can even create shopping lists which can be a huge time saver in itself.

This is where I have found a lot of the food blogs that I follow.  When you click on the directions in the yummly app it takes you staight to the blog post that it came from.  I could easily (pre kiddos) spend hours exploring!


Like I said, I love to read.  But sometimes finding a new book is super challenging.  That is where goodreads comes in. It’s almost like Facebook for the book world.  You can connect with friends to see their book reviews, join book clubs or sign up for new-release updates.  There is also an option to start a list of books you are interested in reading and the ability to review the books you have read.

I hope that these apps will be of interest to you.  All of them can be found on the Google Play app or Apple app store.  Enjoy!



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