Thanksgiving preparations!

Thanksgiving is definately my favorite holiday.  What’s not to love?  Family, food, and tons of fun!

Each year hubby and I get up at our leasure, turn on the Hallmark Channel or Christmas music in the kitchen and start cookin’!  We try to prep as much as we can before the big day so that we can really enjoy the meaning of the holiday.  The house is clean, ingredients are prepped, tables are set and decorations are done.

This year I decided to skip the store-bought decorations and fancy linens to do something a little more relaxed and fun.  You may call it a “Pinterest” holiday for us this year.  Of course we are using our regular dishes and also some coloring placemats from Crate and Barrel, but all of the table decorations were done by our family.  I tried to find projects that the kids could help me with because I really wanted them to be involved.

We decided to do Thanksgiving in the basement this year.  It’s newly remodeled and has a little more free space than the main floor. It allowed for us to create one large table for everyone to gather at instead of being spaced all over.

On the tables we used Scotch Dust Cover Paper from Michaels that comes in a 30” by 30’ roll.  Hubby cut the pieces to fit each table and he and the kids taped them in place. I had a coloring tablecloth from Target that I purchased last year and never used.  It was the perfect size to cut into 4 strips to be used as a runner down each table.

Then I added coloring placemats from Crate and Barrel. I only had 12 , but needed 16 and happened to find 4 from last year!  Win for me!  I added these amazing twig color pencils from World Market for the adults that went with the theme.

I purchased some super cute Peanuts silverware from Pottery Barn Kids along with the matching plates and napkins.  Apparently I’m not the only one that loved these-they are completely sold out online!

Now, here is where Pinterest comes in!

The kids and I made these adorable pilgrim hat crayon holders.  I did all the dangerous, skin-burning work and Cooper and Elsa put some shredded paper in each hat to boost the height of the crayons and put the magic utensils in.

We also made this crazy adorable pumpkin pie garland. It’s made from orange and tan felt, twine and white pom poms.  Again, a lot of hot glueing so the kids just put the “whipped cream” on.

I found a pack of colorful foam leaves at Michaels and decided to use more twine for a fun fall garland.  This one was hung on a pipe that we have running along the ceiling in our basement.

On to my favorite project!  I saw this GivenThanks centerpiece on Pinterest and just knew that we had to make it!  The kids and my hubby collected sticks for this one.  I used brown cardstock as well as a fall-themed pack of cardstock from Michaels.  I cut the circles in two different sizes and added the alphabet stickers to each one.

I made the sign double-sided so people on both sides of the table would have something to look at.  Then hot glued the circles to the sticks.  I also had to add a few turkey pictures for fun!  I used mason jars and filled them with beans to hold the sticks and voila!

I added a harvest garland that I found at Hobby Lobby (for $2!) over the tables where the food will be served.

And lastly I had to hang our Thanksgiving countdown tree that I never fill, but love anyways.  Threw some string lights on the table and called it a day!

The pictures don’t do it justice (I still have to take my photography classes on Craftsy!), but I am so happy with how it turned out!

I hope everyone is having as much fun as we are prepping for the greatest holiday ever!

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving preparations!

  1. Julie P says:

    We are so excited!!! Liv hopes there is stuff for her to help with!
    I absolutely love Thanksgiving!!
    Why so much love you ask???
    Because when I got married almost 22 years ago I got a whole bunch of new sisters and brothers whom I adore and love!!
    Thanks to this blogger for being one of them♡♡
    Happy Turkey Day Gobble gobble

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