Start each day with a grateful heart…

Today is the day that people feel the most grateful. Yes, Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on our blessings and share amazing food with those we love the most.

However, starting with this Thanksgiving day, I challenge you to to try and feel grateful everyday.  Tomorrow morning wake up, stretch, and think of something to be grateful for.  Think about that person, thing or feeling until you have a smile on your face. Then get out of bed and start your day.  Try to do this each morning.  Make this practice habit and see if it puts you in a better place to face the day, to be kinder to those around you.

We live in a world of uncertainty.  A world where horrible things are happening to innocent people for no apparent reason.  Some days it’s hard to see the good when there is so much tragedy around us.

So, if one by one, we can focus on being grateful, more compassionate, more loving, then maybe things will start to turn around.

Today and everyday be grateful for those you hold dear to you in your life.  Be grateful for those that are no longer with us, but have made a huge imprint on your life. Be grateful for what you have, not what you don’t.  Be grateful for everyday that you are here to see your babies grow.

Happy Thanksgiving.  For those that you will see today, spend a few extra seconds embracing them so they know that you are grateful for them.

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