My Top 10 Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies

Now that Thanksgiving has passed  it’s officially Christmas movie season! Ok, so I don’t really abide by those rules, but to keep the peace, we’ll pretend.

Hallmark Christmas movies are another addiction of mine.  (I seem to have many).  I have purchased many of them so that I can watch them whenever I need an emotional pick-me-up.

I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorite Hallmark Christmas movies that you must see (in no particular order).  Some I watch every year, some are new and some I have recently stumbled upon and fell in love with.

1. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Such a far-fetched one, but fantastic nonetheless.  Henry Winkler and Warren Christie become best buddies after an incident at an airport waiting for the same flight.  Winkler plays match maker between his almost engaged niece (Brooke Burns) and Christie.  Their adventure is fun and in true Hallmark fashion, ends wonderfully.

2.  Christmas Under Wraps

Candace Cameron Bure is a surgical resident that ends up in Garland, Alaska.  A town that seems to have lots in common with  the “Big Guy’s” operations.  Though she is waiting for the stars to align so that she can go to Boston, she surprisingly falls in love with a local and faces a huge Hallmark dilemma.

3.  The Spirit of Christmas

This is one of those movies that I stumbled upon and can’t wait to watch again!  A lawyer from the city is assigned to oversee the sale of a beautiful Inn that was left to no one.  Upon arriving, she is told about ghosts that haunt the premise and urged to leave.  Surprisingly (wink wink), she stays and falls in love with the ghost of the man that last owned the Inn and tragically died 90-something years prior.  Together they try to piece together how he died and the scandal surrounding his then-life.  Sounds way out there, but was a really great movie!

4. Let it Snow

Candace Cameron Bure is one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie regulars! In Let It Snow, she is the daughter of a real estate mogul (Alan Thicke) that purchases hotels and resorts around the world.  Candace is summoned to research their next purchase and becomes very close to the owner’s son.  Drama ensues, happy ending.  Fun movie!

5.  It’s Christmas, Carol!

This one is Hallmark’s version of A Christmas Carol (hence the clever name). Carol is a successful executive of a publishing house and has worked so much and chased her dreams at the cost of her true happiness.  Carrie Fisher plays her dead boss that comes back to give her a glimpse of the mistakes she made and what life could be like.  Humerous and fun!

6. A Bride for Christmas

Pretty darn similar to Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts.  A local Interior Designer has been engaged more times than she can count, but always runs out  at the wedding.  Until…she meets the right guy!  Amazing!  They have their ups and downs, but eventually she comes to her senses and love wins!

7. November Christmas

I’m not going to spoil the ending, but this one is a tear-jerker.  A little girl has cancer and the town rally’s around her.  All I’m going to say.  A must watch!

8.  Angels Sing

I love this one! A huge cast- Harry Connick, Jr., Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and more!  About a family that lives in Austin, Texas and moves into a pretty amazing neighborhood under some questionable circumstances.  Lots of music, lights and craziness!

9.  Hitched for the Holidays

Who doesn’t love Joey Lawrence??!!  Two young, single, attractive people need someone to save them from their families at the holidays.  They post an ad, find each other, and madness ensues.  It’s hilarious watching these two navigate life together as a “couple” until something forces them to tell the truth!

And last, but definately not least…

10.  The Sweetest Christmas

I’m envious of anyone that is a master baker.  It’s a secret dream of mine to own a bakery!  Lacey Chabert is trying to make a name for herself as a gingerbread goddess in one of Hallmark’s new movies for 2017.  Twists and turns all over the place, but a super cute movie!

What are some of your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies?

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