December Favorite Things

So December started off rocky at our house.  The kids were sick with high fevers, congestion, coughs.  Poor babies were miserable for a week straight.  They had to miss out on our Christmas kick-off weekend with Santa, Reindeer and tree cutting AND a super special ride on the Polar Express.  I feel bad for them.

Now it’s my turn to be sick and miserable, but better me than them.  To mark my return to blogging in over a week (I had to cancel my 2 posts highlighting what the kids unfortunately missed), here are my December favorite things!

Christmas music!

Why is it that there isn’t any other music on earth that can make you as happy as Christmas music?  I love all of the modern takes on my favorites, but it’s the older versions that make me happiest.  I grew up listening to Christmas music by Mitch Miller, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams and the list goes on.  It just sounds so romantic.

The Red Truck with a Christmas tree

I can’t get enough of this!  I think it’s the cutest symbol of winter.  Not sure why, but I get the warm and fuzzies every time I see one.  It’s actually the theme in our bathroom this Christmas!

They are all over the shower curtain!
My Scentsy warmer! The headlights light up too!
My favorite. Our Grump tree from Trader Joe’s in the back of a red truck! Too much cuteness!


Young Living Essential oils and Rainstone diffuser

Because of all the sickness in our house, I’ve had to pull out the big guns to help ease some of the horrible symptoms we were having.  I’ve been trying to learn more about essential oils in my spare time (ha!) so I phoned a friend for some solid advice as to what to do.

My main concern was the fact that no one could breathe.  For the kids, I’ve always used Young Living’s Snifflease.  It’s slightly diluted so that it can be used for children.  It contains Eucalyptus, Lavender and Peppermint oils among others and has always worked well for our kids.

For me, I used Peppermint oil and Thieves oil.  I couldn’t breathe to save myself.  My friend told me to rub the Peppermint oil on my scalp and temples as well as my chest.  I put the Thieves oil on the bottom of my feet and also diffused 3-4 drops.  Within 10 minutes I was breathing!  Mind you, I still couldn’t taste or smell anything, but I could BREATHE!  I did this a  few times a day for 2 days so that I could function and it really works!!

The Rainstone diffuser is a dream!  Each one is handmade in China using techniques that have been passed down for over 1,000 years!  It has 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 hour settings with automatic shutoff; five soft LED light settings (blue, yellow, purple, alternating each color, and off); a negative ionizer; and a remote control. All of the diffusers that I have purchased in the past (many!) have had terribly bright lights which couldn’t double as a nightlight for the kids.  This one has a perfectly soft glow.

(If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Products, please contact me using the email link at the top of the page)


Yep, I love it!  I love how excited the kids get when they wake up and see snow.  They don’t care about anything else but getting themselves into the fluffy white stuff that immediate second and it’s so cute and fun.  We’ve had one little snow the other day and they were too sick to play in it, but that means they will me that much more excited the next time it happens.

Old Christmas Movies

I love me some Hallmark Christmas movies, but the oldies will always be my favorite.  So far we have watched White Christmas (About a hundred times.  Confession-I watched it at the beginning of November!) and It Happened on Fifth Avenue.  That’s it!  It’s been all Hallmark all the time!  I still have a bunch of the oldies to watch so bring on some big relaxing, snowy days! Some of our other favorites are It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, Christmas in Connecticut, A Christmas Story and The Shop Around the Corner.  There are many more, but these are some of our favorites.

That is it for now.  I’m planning on doing a lot of homemade gifts this year so keep your eyes open for that post as well as one highlighting our Christmas decorations and an update on the Food 52 Holiday Food Swap I’m participating in.  So much fun coming up!!

Hugs and Goodnight!

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