Santa, Reindeer, and Gingerbread, oh my!

Even though our December started a little rough, we are clearly making up for it!  This week has been filled with lots of Christmas activities and we won’t be slowing down!

Monday night started off with a wine class for Mommy at one of my favorite hangouts,  Tuscan Market.  I was still a little sick so I couldn’t taste much, but I’m always happy with their recommendations and bought a few bottles.  Score!

Wednesday was a big day!  The kids went to see Santa!  They memorized their lists, dressed up so cute, and started behaving five minutes before we left.  That is a parenting win!

Ready to see Santa!

Afterwards we roamed around the mall and, normally, I don’t get suckered into the kiosks that are in the middle of the walkway.  Wednesday, I did.  It was a Build-A-Bear kiosk that had the cutest reindeer displayed.  We’ve never done a Build-A-Bear, but the reindeer were too cute to pass up.  Elsa chose a white sparkly one that also has ears that light up and Cooper went traditional with a very functional winter outfit.  Matched their personalities perfectly!

After all that fun, we headed over to Sweet T’s Bakery for some Gingerbread house decorating!  You make a reservation, show up and decorate!  They have the house put together for you so it’s dry and ready to get to work!  They also put out a lot of fun candies to use and then dust it with “snow” before you take it home.  We will definately do this again!  No mess at home and the kids seem to be more into it.  Check out the finished product!

This weekend we will finish wrapping all of our presents and get the house ready for the big celebration!  Bring on Christmas!


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