Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you!  I hope there was lots of love, fun and food!

I feel like the world is anew.  It’s time to put Christmas away and prepare the house, and our lives, for a new chapter.

This Christmas season was a magical one in our house this year.  It was the first year that Cooper and Elsa really grasped what was going on and it was a blessing to see everything through their eyes.

When 2017 started, I boisterously declared it the year of me!  Little did I know how daunting it would all feel.  I wanted to get the blog up and running, declutter our home, travel more, learn a few new skills and somehow be more present.

About 10 months into 2017 I finally had the blog up and running, didn’t travel anywhere new, had no new skills to show off and partially decluttered our lives. I was feeling stressed out about it thought I’d never gain my sense of self back.

Then I read an amazing article that, of course, I cannot find again.  It’s almost like it came into my life when I needed it and then it vanished.

It basically said that people fail at their resolutions because they expect them to happen overnight, when in fact, it takes a whole year to prepare to make significant changes. Whoa!  I felt this to my core and felt a surge of hope.  Maybe I didn’t really fail myself and those around me.

So, during the last two months of 2017, I started really thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2018.  Sorry for the long list, but my thought is that if I can make most of these happen, I will have a more intentional life by the end if this year.  Seems like a long time, but change doesn’t happen overnight, right?  Some items are more important than others, but it can’t be all work all the time!

1. Declutter our home once and for all. Organize what’s left. Aim for minimalism.

2.  Be more present and disconnect more.

3.  Meal plan.

4.  Travel more.

5.  Lose 30 pounds.

6.  Read at least 2 books per month.  Possibly start a book club.

7. Learn to crochet.

8.  Start more design work.

9.  More date nights with hubby.

10.  Finish all lingering house projects.

11.  Find new ways to expand the blog.

12.  Do morefun stufff with the kids (museums, classes, etc.)

I think this will be a sufficient start.  What are some new things you will be implementing into your life?

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