Decluttering our lives and focusing on what’s important.

I have anxiety.  “Stuff” makes my anxiety worse.  However, certain “things” make my life feel safe.  I grew up in a not-so-great atmosphere.  I never felt safe in my own home for lots of reasons.  If the home of my past were the only one on earth, I wouldn’t return.  I’d chose to live in the blustery cold, under a snowy tree in a t-shirt before returning there.

I vowed to myself that when I became an adult and was able to live on my own, my home would be open to anyone, it would be comfy and it would be safe.

Fast forward to my early 30’s when my then-fiance (now husband) and I purchased our forever home.  Old memories started flushing in and I immediately felt the need to make our new house feel like a home.

Go even farther in to my 30’s and babies came.  Now, more than ever, our home had to feel inviting, but above all else, safe.  I want our home to be a safe haven for our kids.  I want them to feel comfortable bringing their friends over.  I want them to feel like they can always come home.

Along the way, I accumulated alot.  I’m not a hoarder by ANY means, but I love pretty things and I thought that pretty things were what made homes welcoming and inviting.  I am wrong, of course.  As a designer, my mind goes straight to how our home looks, not what is going on inside of it.  I’m starting to realize this more and more as our babies are getting older and we are making such great memories with them,not the pretty stuff.

So that brings me to the first of my life improvements of 2018.  Decluttering.  I’m seriously obsessed with minimalism, intentional living and Hygge.  I’m not sure how one survived without the other, but I’m glad they are here.  I read everything I can and have joined numerous facebook groups supporting  all of these lifestyles and I can’t get enough!

I want our home to feel friendly, warm, inviting and safe.  I want this to be accomplished without a lot of “stuff”.  I want our home to be a place that cultivates creativity and fun for my family.

Last year I went through a decluttering frenzy when we redecorated the kid’s rooms.  I gathered up all of the clothes that didn’t fit us, donated some and sent the rest to threadUP.  If you haven’t heard of threadUP, it’s an online consignment store that will purchase or donate your new or gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. You can also sell high-end items on consignment too. I earned approximately $700+ last year from sending in clothes that we no longer worn or didn’t fit.  They make it super easy and you can order clean out bags on their site!

All of the money that I’ve made from decluttering goes into our kid’s savings accounts.  I love finding creative ways to set them up for a better future.

I also plan on donating or selling toys that are not being played with, housewares we don’t use, etc. is another great resourse I’ve been using in this journey.  The donations get shipped to Goodwill and you don’t have to leave your house!  Go to the site, print out a label and leave it for your postperson.  You can also print receipts for your taxes.

I’ve started another decluttering project.  It started on January 2nd and is still going.  Last week I sent two more bags to threadUP (I ordered 10 bags!).  I figured these should last for a little while and as the kids grow out of their clothes and the seasons change, I’ll grab a bag and ship it off!

I also sent about 9 boxes via  It feels so good to let all of this stuff go.  I’m getting to the point where everything has it’s place, spending is being curbed and life is getting a little easier.  This is a great combination for enjoying more and worrying less.

I will be doing a separate post on my favorite books from 2017, but here are a few that have helped me so far in my journey to minimalism and focusing on what is important in life.

Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup. Love this book!  I love that she has written this book based on her own experiences, not research.  She is very relateable (probably because I’ve been in the same place as she) and it’s an easy read.  Please add this to your reading list!

I am That Girl by Alexis Jones. I couldn’t put this one down!  After being a stay-at-home-mom for the last 4 years I’ve started feeling like I’ve lost my own identity.  This book really helps you to figure out where your passions lie and what is really important to you.  Enjoyed it immensely!

Until next time!


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