Disconnecting for a more intentional life

I am a stay-at-home mom so you’d think I feel super present with my family. I don’t. I feel like I’m constantly trying to balance time with the kids with cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. This is why it is super important to me to be intentional with my time.  My family shouldn’t come behind household chores and devices.

A large  part of my intentional living journey is to unplug more often.  Unplug from t.v., unplug from phones, ipads and gadgets.  I plan on starting this today.  I won’t wake up and check email.  I won’t check facebook while making breakfast.  I won’t do any blogging, printing or reading while my kids are awake.  I will keep a to-do list during the day so that I don’t forget what has to be done, but no more jumping onto the computer or Ipad the second I think of something.

Usually, the kids want to watch t.v. when they get up and before bed.  I’m going to start weining them of this habit and start reading more.  We used to read all the time and when the holidays rolled around and things got busy we pushed it to the wayside.  Reading is a huge part of my life so I really want my kids to get into it as well.

I want to get outside more and enjoy nature.  I want our family to reconnect and spend meaningful time together.  I want to really embrace the experiences that we share together and teach the kids that the important things in life are what happens when you enjoy the people you are with.

I don’t want to miss out on my kids or my life because I’m checking facebook.  I absolutely don’t want my kids to think that devices are more important than they are.

Who’s with me?

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