Bantam Bagels

So our little guy was sick last week and he hung out with me one day while his other half was in school.  We ran a few errands and ended up at the Starbucks inside our local Target. (Whomever came up with that idea is a GENIUS!).

I’ve been telling the kids how I used to take the crust off of my Wonder bread as a kid and then smash up the insanely soft insides into a beautiful bread ball and eat it.  Am I the only one?  There is no way it’s possible.  It’s the greatest thing ever.  Try it.  But with a healthier bread maybe?  Not sure it would taste the same.

Back to focus for this post! Cooper and I were standing in line and he sees something that resembles a bread ball, but much prettier.  I read the description and it’s a Bantam Bagel.  Essentially a bread ball with cream cheese in the middle and baked!  Oh my goodness!

So as soon as we get into the car, I look up a recipe and found one that was easy enough to make.  (Link below) Made sure we had all of the ingredients and decided that it would be our sunday breakfast.

This isn’t something that you can make spur of the moment.  The cream cheese has to be cut up and frozen and the dough has to proof for an hour, but it really is super easy to make.

It’s also a grat recipe for the kids to help with! They loved putting the cream cheese into each ball and rolling it up!

There is a really fun bagel bath that the dough balls get before heading off to the oven.  It’s a mixture of water, baking soda and brown sugar.  It gives the bagels a super thin, crispy crust so don’t skip it!

As we were eating these, we thought it might truely be amazing to cook up some crispy bacon and add it to the batter. We’ll try it next time.


Bantam Bagel Recipe


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