Home Makeover Series Part 4.2

When we remodeled our kitchen, we used a beautiful cabinet that we had previously purchased, as our pantry.  It did the job, but it had clear glass (yes, I could have done something with that), it was super deep and didn’t offer much organization.

When we planned for the basement remodel I made sure that we had a space for an actual, grown-up person pantry.  I wanted somewhere to store our extra food and holiday dishes that didn’t interfere with our day-to-day lives.

We had a “pantry” in the basement before it was demolished.  It was a very deep closet with sliding doors and the shelving was also doors.  Very odd, but it worked at the time even though it was always a gigantic mess and it never felt clean because it was 60 years old.

I found my inspiration for the pantry on Pinterest of course.  I cannot for the life of me find the link anywhere, but when I saw it I knew it was what we needed.  It had different types of shelving, beautiful glass doors with the word “pantry” on all of them.  I followed the link that Pinterest gave and bought everything in that picture!

Now, one of my biggest pet peeves is when the product color is described as “white”, but it’s anything but.  It’s usually off-white or Ivory with a little yellow tint to it.  DRIVES ME CRAZY.  If the picture looks white and you are calling it white, it better show up to my house being white.  Well, the cabinets were not. They were the annoying yellow-tinted ivory color.  So frustrating.

The cabinets on the left side are from Lowes.  The ones that showed up to our house looking all yellow-tinted.  I scoured their website and cannot find them so I assume they no longer carry them.   (Probably because people were ticked that they weren’t actually white!)  I went to my safe place, Amazon, and purchased some white chalk paint.  I did two coats and the cabinets were ready to be installed.

The shelving on the right is Elfa from the Container Store.  It was super inexpensive as I didn’t get anything too fancy.


To finish things off, I purchased teal blue decals from Etsy that said “pantry” and placed them on each door.  I also had to buy fun storage containers and add chalk labels because it looked so darn cute.  I also ordered some pantry shelving  from the Container Store.  It makes everything visible so you can see what you have and need to use up.

I hope you enjoyed 4.2.  Stay tuned for another really fun basement project!


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