Home Makeover Series Part 4.3

Another photo disclaimer: I didn’t have any pictures of the basement bathroom before the remodel, so I took a picture of the flier!  Yep!  New low!  I promise the pictures will get better, but this is a real-life blog, right?!

The bathroom in the basement wasn’t horrible to begin with, but since we were going all in on the remodel, it had to go.

The bathroom was a little tricky.  All of the walls were cinder block which meant a lot of work and even more dust to demolish the whole thing. So we decided against changing the size or the layout. (And we have a bonus “bunker” should we ever need one.)

There was a nice pedestal sink, but it didn’t offer any countertop space.  The shower was the length of one wall and you just walked into it.  Cool in theory, but it never really felt warm while you were taking a shower.  The shower was also lined with glass block in order to get some sort of light in there.  All of the walls were tile, which didn’t leave a lot of option for decorating it.

And it was all white.  UUUUGGG.

The pedestal sink with no storage and floor to ceiling tile!


Awesome glass block on the shower wall. The far end is where you walked into the shower. You had to step in to turn the water on so it was always a fun event!


So, we decided to shorten the shower, add a glass door and glass panels for a nice, sleek look.  We also put some fun glass, marble and “aluminum” tile in the shower for added interest and to tie into the corrugated wall (more on this below) we did opposite of the shower.

The new shower framed out. Now on the far end we have a storage cabinet. We had a glass door installed and glass panels from the shelf up to about 3 or 4″ from the ceiling for ventilation.


All of the tile is gone! (Please excuse the beer! Or not!)


My amazing hubby added floor heat since we previously had no means of heat in the bathroom.

We selected the same flooring as our kitchen, but in a light grey.  It’s a commercial grade tile that has the look of wood and can withstand anything.  Perfect for our little bunker.

I found a cabinet at Home Decorators (by Home Depot), but the site no longer exists so you can’t see the original product.  It was an all-in-one vanity meaning the vanity, marble countertop and the sink all came with the purchase.  Of course, the description stated that the vanity was white, but it was an off white so I had to chalk paint it so it would actually BE white.

We also purchased the mirror that was “suggested” to go with the vanity, and again, chalk painted it white. My hubby hung it in the same way as the photos.  They all hang from a wood trim piece with chains.

Same goes for the storage cabinet hiding on the other side of the shower.  Chalk paint to the rescue!  The storage cabinet will never be moved! We had to grease it up to get it in there and the trim was butted up to it. Still trying to find the perfect thing to jazz up the top.

We wanted a really cool focal point in the bathroom and ended up with two!

One was the corrugated wall that hubby installed from Home Depot.  The company that manufactures the product, Fasade, apparently doesn’t make it anymore or Home Depot doesn’t carry it, but you can find similar options other places.

I found the prints that are hanging above the toilet on Etsy. They are a schematic for a toilet seat and a copy of the original toilet paper schematic. Hubby hung the highest picture from a wood trim piece and the lower picture is hanging from that one by a chain.

The other focal point is the shower.  With the tile and the dimmable light in the ceiling, it can be as relaxing or revitalizing as you want it to be.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Home Makeover series!  Stay tuned for more of the basement reno!



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