Home Makeover Series Part 4.4

Welcome back to the Home Makeover Series!  We are slowly finishing up some projects before we share the big reveals so more will be coming soon!

The stairs leading down to the basement were a hot mess.  And that is being nice.  Originally, there was mustard yellow textured wallpaper that was actually fraying.  Seriously scary.

We tore the wallpaper down not knowing what to expect and it wasn’t quite as bad as we thought.  The walls were still in good shape and stayed in place instead of coming off with the wallpaper, but there was a lot of glue left behind.  For a hot second we thought about just painting the walls so that we could be done with it, but knew it just wasn’t going to work and we’d end up redoing it anyway.

We’ve done wallpaper removal multiple times and there is really no easy way to do it. It’s a wet mess and takes forever so we decided to just go over it with these wood planks found at Menards.  This was so much easier than having to purchase, paint and antique plain wood.  The cost was a little more, but significantly cheaper than some options I was looking at.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  It’s rustic, warm and DONE!  It still shocks me when I turn the corner to go down the stairs because it was one of the last projects to get done, but really changed the feel of our home.

Before hubby could even think about the putting the ladder away, I had him hang this light that I fell in love with on Wayfair.com.  It matches our light that we have hanging at the top of the stairs right when you walk in from the garage.  It was meant to be.

I found this metal tile at Kirklands and it fit the space perfectly.  It’s large and stands out beautifully against the wood.

I purchased the antiqued frame at an amazing local shop, added chicken wire and turned it into a key holder.  It’s much more aesthetically appealing than the crappy strip of wood we had before!

Everything is put together and finished and we are so in love with how it turned out!

The walls are a little too bare for my liking, but I’ll be taking care of that this weekend at Main Street Market!  I can’t even stand that it’s already here, but I look forward to this every year.  I usually miss the fall market because that is vaca time, but you’d have to lock me in a cellar to keep me from this amazing event in the spring!

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