Planner Dilemma Take 3!

Third times a charm, right?  Not sure what is going on, but this post tried to post itself 2 other times on it’s own.  So now I will force myself to finish it so that it won’t happen again.  Sorry for the confusion.

(This post does contain some affiliate links)

Ok, I’m VERY type A.

I loved taking notes in school and would go home and rewrite them if they were messy.

I’m seriously OBSESSED with pens and markers.

I love the idea of being organized, but I’m not quite there.

I need to brain dump at the end of every night, but don’t.  I think this process will help me sleep at night.

I need to wake up and actually USE my gratefulness journal so I can start my days off right.

But I don’t want a million notebooks all over the place.

For years I have been on the hunt for a planner that would do it all.  I needed somewhere that I can plan EVERYTHING.  Meal planning, schedules, birthdays, etc.

I’ve tried multiple option, but nothing has been quite right for me.  Enter  Her planners are semi-customizable: hardbound, spiral bound, different sizes are available, multiple amazing covers that you can also customize, as well as customizable page layouts.  What more could you ask for?  Everything that I had found previously didn’t offer much, if any, customization so this was amazing to me.

I decided on the LifePlanner because of all the fun options.  There is a year-at-a-glace in the back where I can record important dates, blank note pages, a pocket folio to keep papers close by, free stickers to dress up your pages and a lot more!

I went with a fun little quote on the front: “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life”.


Standard monthly view.
Weekly view. This is nice because there is a whole column for each day as well as the lined spaces all around.


This is a section in the back to keep track of important dates each month at a glance.


She also has really fun accessories to add even more fun to your planner.  Stickers, pens, planner folios, you get the point.

There is also an affiliate program where you can earn points to use towards products.

What really got me excited were their journals.  I write letters to Cooper and Elsa on each one of their birthdays.  I had a small, hard to write in notebook that wasn’t something that I could customize.  I searched forever for some pretty 8×10 stationery with matching envelopes to no avail.  Why is it soooo hard to find something so simple??!!  While I was meandering on the Erin Condren site I found some really nice journals that were CUSTOMIZABLE!  So I picked out a few, had the kids name printed on the front and voila!  Now all I have to do is transfer the letters into these notebooks and hide them away for safe keeping.


I also purchased these Sticky Corner Pockets to add some photos from each years highlights.

I was on a roll!  I was trying to think what else I could do with all of this fun stuff before my eyes!

I ended up purchasing a spiral bound journal to use as a personal journal because I need to “brain dump” at the end of the day and start a gratefulness practice each morning.

I also purchased  their watercolor journal  to use as a “Travel Bucket List”.  I’m finding so many fun and interesting places that I want our family to visit and I wanted somewhere to log them all.  My thought was to dedicate 1-2 pages to each state in the U.S. and list everything that I would like for us to see in each of those states.  Then all of the extra pages will be used for International travel.  I’m super stoked to start this project.  Traveling always helps me to “reset” myself and I’m looking forward to doing more of it.

AANNNNDDD then as I was browsing I found some awesome luggage tags that I needed to have for our upcoming vacation.  Ever since my luggage was accidentally taken by the wrong person in Jamaica a few years back, I’m not taking anymore chances. Obnoxious luggage  was purchased and now I have my luggage tags!

Eventually, I will need a teacher planner for homeschooling and they have everything I need in that department!

They have so much fun stuff and are adding new products to the site each day so I keep finding more coolness to organize my craziness!  Check it out!  I bet you “walk away” with something!

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