Our First Family Vacation of the Year – Olympia, WA (Part 1)

We have our first family vacation for the year in the books!  We did so much in our short week that I had to break this post down into two parts!

Two years ago we took our very first family vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  It was amazing.  The kids were only 2.5, but they did great!  The loved the plane ride, were in awe of the sand and the ocean, and never wanted to leave the lazy river.  They napped in a cabana, we ate wonderful food and the trip couldn’t have gone better (after my luggage was returned!).

On one of our nights there, we were eating at a fantastic Italian Restaurant on the beach.  There was a very fun couple sitting next to us and we started chatting about the kids, how we liked the resort so far, etc.  Little did we know that was going to lead to a great friendship down the road.  Before the night was over, we were lovingly referring to them as Grammie Debbie and Papa Scott!

We ran into this amazing couple throughout the rest of the vacation.  We hung out at their cabana one day while the kiddos (Cooper, Elsa and our husbands) played in the sand and we drank bottomless drinks.

We stayed in touch via Facebook and always talked about getting together again.  We live outside of Chicago, they live in, you guessed it!  Olympia, Washington.

Back in January, I was in full-on vacation scheduling mode.  It was miserably cold and snowy and they only way I could keep from running somewhere warmer at the time was to PLAN  a time when I know we could escape.  I just finished planning our vacation for the fall and thought, “What the hell?” and sent Grammie Debbie a PM asking her when would be a good time.

We went the third week and June and it was everything we hoped for and so much more!

Watching all the planes take off!

Again, the kids did amazing.  This was their second trip on a plane and it was twice as long, but they were such champs.  We had a two hour drive from the airport to Olympia, but once we arrived, it was like we didn’t skip a beat!  Grammie Debbie and Papa Scott were so welcoming and loving, it was like we’d known each other our whole lives.

The first night was spent catching up and getting settled in.  We didn’t get their home until 8 pm so by the time we were done, it was well past our bedtimes.

On friday we slept in and took our time eating breakfast and gettng ready for the day.  We decided to go to the Olympia farmers market.  I was in love!  Our farmers market at home is once a week.  This market runs thursday through sunday!  Live music, food court, beautiful scenery and great vendors. It was fantastic!


Saturday we heading back to downtown Olympia and hung out by the Children’s museum.  All the firetrucks were out and they had amazing things for the kids to do!  We met some famous people…


Did some fun things…



Then that afternoon we were invited to a Pacific Northwest Seafood dinner!  Thank you to our host and hostess for such amazing food and hospitality!



Sunday we needed a rest day.  The kids had been going nonstop for three days and we just wanted to hang around for the day and enjoy our surroundings.

We wanted to make Grammie Debbie and Papa Scott an Italian lunch so Paolo and the kids started making homemade bread in the morning (in their jammies).



Add a platter with meat, cheese and olives.  Wine.

While the bread was doing it’s thang, we decided to go for a long walk on the beach to find shells, sand dollars and crabs.  The kids had so much fun flipping rocks and grabbing the tiny crabs!  It was so cool to see them loving their new environment.


Then Grammie and I took the kids for a little ride…

She spoiled them some more…

The rest of the night was low key.  The kids went to bed and Grammie and I hung out and listened to the thunder rolling in and talked for a few hours.  The first few days of our vacation were fantastic!

Stay tuned for Part II of our Olympia, WA. family vacation!!

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