Laundry Room Makeover

I know that laundry isn’t all that exciting, but I happen to love it.  It’s one task that I can do start to finish and feel like the world is right.

Before we remodeled the basement our laundry room was a dungeon.  It was bland and I always felt like someone was watching me.  I know, creepy.

Now,  I don’t mind being down there at all!  I wish I could fit a comfy chair in there so I can listen to podcasts  or audible books and forget the problems of the world.

During construction…

Prior to this point, the floors were asbestos, the walls beige and the adjoining rooms were dark and freaky.


This is the hallway at the bottom of the stairs that leads to the bathroom, workout room and laundry.

On the left side of the hallway we have family pictures (old and new) and the right side will have more of the same.  On the wall just as you walk down the hallway is my new favorite piece!

I am addicted to blogs.  I love seeing other people’s creativity and getting new ideas.  On a blog that I ended up on after clicking through a million “link party” posts, they showed a tapestry that was hanging by their reading chair and I FELL IN LOVE.

Lavender Fields  has great home decor items and I fell in love with their Dalai Lama Wall Tarp.   It’ rustic and beautiful and the quote couldn’t be more accurate.

“He said, ‘There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.'”

Who knows?  Maybe one will appear elsewhere in our home too!


It’s a bit more cozy!  I wanted to go with the farmhouse wood, black and white theme and I love it!

It all started with this shelf from Pottery Barn.

I needed somewhere to “line dry” things without having an actual clothesline running through our basement and this was the perfect size.  Some may think it’s not enough room, but since becoming a mom, if I need to line dry it, I’m not buying it!  So it works for the few things I do hang to dry.

I am also a person that doesn’t like to move a ton of stuff in order to clean floors so when I found these hanging canvas hampers I knew they would be perfect.

The large laundry sign came from Kirkland’s and the laundry rules sign from good ‘ol Michaels.

Paolo made the shelves using poplar.  He jazzed up the edges so they weren’t so rigid and hung them using black steel pipe.

The lower countertop was already stained a light blue color (which I thought I loved in there, but turns out I didn’t) so Hubby and I (mostly Hubby) sanded it down to the wood so that I could retain it.  I used Minwax Polyshades in Espresso for the stain.  I love this stain because it is the color and polyurethane in one.  I didn’t even wipe the excess stain off.  I just made sure it was blended well and it gave me a nice, deep, rich color.

I touched up the walls and started adding the frilly stuff.

I actually made my own curtains, and not by sewing!  I bought a cloth shower curtain from target for $25.  I folded it into quarters and cut down the folds with super sharp scissors so the fabric wouldn’t fray and GLUED them with this.  It dries clear and is permanent, even stays after several washings!  I glued all the edges that needed it, cut the holes a little larger so the tension rod would fit and voila!

It was a really fun project!  Almost all of the decor came from Michaels.  They have such an amazing section when you first walk into any store.  I can get lost for a REALLY long time in there!

I purchased a rug and matching runner from Wayfair.  They were super cheap and look great!  It’s so hard to find a long runner so once I saw this 10′ one I snatched it up!

The finished product…







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