Garbage Disposal Bombs

I always forget about the garbage disposal when I clean.  The darn thing doesn’t let me forget for long! Garbage disposal bombs are an easy way to clean AND deodorize your disposal. Once in a while I would throw lemon remnants down the disposal and it would smell good, but wasn’t getting cleaned. These bombs Read More


Laundry Room Makeover

I know that laundry isn’t all that exciting, but I happen to love it.  It’s one task that I can do start to finish and feel like the world is right. Before we remodeled the basement our laundry room was a dungeon.  It was bland and I always felt like someone was watching me.  I Read More


Lake House Makeover

We’ve had our lake house for a little over 14 years.  Hard to believe it’s been that long, but it has.  There is so much work that has gone into this house that I couldn’t even begin to list it all.  Almost every inch has been redone. We couldn’t stay in the house while the Read More


Home Makeover Series Part 4.4

Welcome back to the Home Makeover Series!  We are slowly finishing up some projects before we share the big reveals so more will be coming soon! The stairs leading down to the basement were a hot mess.  And that is being nice.  Originally, there was mustard yellow textured wallpaper that was actually fraying.  Seriously scary. Read More

Demo-free, low-budget bathroom remodel

(This is not a sponsored post) I’ve been so excited to share this project with you!  So excited that I can’t just add it to the home makeover series because I’m just dying to show you NOW, not in 5 weeks! I’m so sorry for the long post, but so much was done and I Read More


Home Makeover Series Part 4.2

When we remodeled our kitchen, we used a beautiful cabinet that we had previously purchased, as our pantry.  It did the job, but it had clear glass (yes, I could have done something with that), it was super deep and didn’t offer much organization. When we planned for the basement remodel I made sure that Read More


Home Makeover Series Part 4.1

Yes you read that correctly-4.1.  This next part of the Home Makeover Series is a big one so it has to be broken down into sub-sections.  Sad, I know. This is by far the biggest remodel project we’ve done on our forever home. (Unless the hubby will decide to pack up and move out of Read More


How I’m Learning about Hygge

Oh Hygge, how I love thee.  If my husband came to me tomorrow and said we had to move to Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, I’d be packed before he could finish the sentence.  Since that will, unfortunately, not be happening anytime soon, I can pretend I live there.  Nothing wierd with that right?  Right? I’m more Read More


Home Makeover Series Part 3

One of the bigger improvents we did in our house is the kitchen.  It was an outdated room with lots of wasted space.  Since my husband and I both love to cook, we knew this was a rooom that we were going to put a lot of thought into. Demo was fun!  It was the Read More


Home Makeover Series Part 2

It’s crazy to look at these pictures from the first day we owned our house. Our neighbor told us that this space used to have some rockin’ green shag carpeting. So glad they tore that out and had the floors redone. One less messy project for us to deal with.   So much has changed Read More