The First Favorite Things Post of 2018!

Welcome to my first favorite things post for 2018! Most of my favorite things this month have to do with feeling warm, happy and comfortable.  January is generally hard for me.  Christmas decorations come down and the house looks and feels blah, the warm gatherings of family dwindle, and everyone is over-tired from non-stop running Read More


My Favorite Books from 2017

First of all, I want the pink chair in the photo above.  I’d love it if all of you went in on it together for my birthday and had it shipped right to my door!  Thank you in advance! I LOVE to read!  It is how I unwind at the end of the day.  It’s Read More


December Favorite Things

So December started off rocky at our house.  The kids were sick with high fevers, congestion, coughs.  Poor babies were miserable for a week straight.  They had to miss out on our Christmas kick-off weekend with Santa, Reindeer and tree cutting AND a super special ride on the Polar Express.  I feel bad for them. Read More


My Top 10 Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies

Now that Thanksgiving has passed  it’s officially Christmas movie season! Ok, so I don’t really abide by those rules, but to keep the peace, we’ll pretend. Hallmark Christmas movies are another addiction of mine.  (I seem to have many).  I have purchased many of them so that I can watch them whenever I need an Read More

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My Favorite Apps

It took me about 3 seconds to fall in love with the first Kindle I ever bought.  I have always been an avid reader so when the opportunity arose to make things easier by not having to lug a gigantic, bulky book around, I jumped. We were going on a month-long trip and not having Read More