Home Makeover Series Part 4.1

Yes you read that correctly-4.1.  This next part of the Home Makeover Series is a big one so it has to be broken down into sub-sections.  Sad, I know.

This is by far the biggest remodel project we’ve done on our forever home. (Unless the hubby will decide to pack up and move out of the county or onto a farm, this is the last big project EVER.  A woman can seriously dream.) Normally, the two of us would tackle a project of this magnitude on our own and love every minute of it.  However, we had itty bitty twins which weren’t going to let that happen!

We hired people.  Yep.  Us.  Hired people to demo.  Hired people for electric (no sadness there).  Hired someone to reframe, drywall and do some miscellaneous stuff, because lets be honest, it’s nice to have someone do something for you.  Even if you have to pay them.

It’s the basement!  It’s one of the many reasons we bought our house.  It is the exact layout of the main level so we knew that once the project was finished our living space would have doubled.  That was very promising to the two of us, who were getting married in less than a year and knew we were going to start a family.  Plus we love to entertain and host for the holidays and having the basement done has been HUGE for making that happen more comfortably.

The picture you see above is the bar area.  You can tell our house was built in the 50’s by the beautiful vomit color.  I think it might have actually been a paint color called Explosive Baby Diaper.  On with it!

When this project started, the blog wasn’t even a thought in my mind.  Soooooo I don’t have many photos of the progress that I can find and most are iffy quality, but there are enough to get the point across.

Demo Day!

Insane, right?  This is why we hired out.  We knew it was going to be a gut job and way too much to do with two 1.5 year olds.  Within a few days everything was torn out and cleaned up.  It was like I had my very own Fairy Godmother!

We were 99.9% sure that the existing tile was asbestos so we didn’t want to mess with that.  AT ALL.  We thought about going right over it with hardwood or commercial grade ceramic tile like we used in our kitchen, but we were so afraid of what would happen if we happened to get water down there.

So we decided on doing an epoxy floor.  We did our research and went with John from Epoxy Transformations.  The outcome was amazing!  He went right over the asbestos tile so it wasn’t an issue.  When it was done it looked like a silky cloud of grey was schmeared all over the floor.  It’s nice and shiny so it lends something unexpected when you enter the basement.

The upside to an epoxy floor is that it is super low maintenance.  It can, and will scratch, but you can use most cleaning products on it without an issue.  It always looks like it’s smiling at you!  One of the main downsides it that it can be slippery.  It’s not as bad as we thought it would be, but Cooper and Elsa have had their fair share of owies from falling on it.  Still, we think it was the best option for us and our situation.

Look for the next post in the Home Makeover Series soon!  It’s one of my favorites spots in the basement!


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2 thoughts on “Home Makeover Series Part 4.1

  1. Genevieve says:

    Gah. I blocked out the old basement. It’s so amazing now! I can’t wait until Part 4 is all up!

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